Adidas x Fewocious: Exclusive NFT Sneaker Fusion

Adidas x Fewocious: Exclusive NFT Sneaker Fusion
Global sportswear giant Adidas has announced a groundbreaking partnership with acclaimed digital artist Fewocious, unveiling an innovative collaboration that combines physical sneakers with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The joint venture aims to explore the intersection of art and play, offering sneaker enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own limited-edition footwear through an NFT redemption pass.

The collaboration will feature 4,500 editions of an NFT mint pass titled "Trefoil Flower," which will be exclusively available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace starting from June 22. The Trefoil Flower NFT will serve as a direct redemption ticket for a pair of custom-designed physical sneakers, specifically the Adidas Originals Campus 00s.

To create a seamless integration between the digital and physical realms, each pair of sneakers will be embedded with a near field communication (NFC) tag. This cutting-edge technology, commonly found in devices like smartphones and contactless credit cards, allows for easy scanning and verification. The NFC tag will be linked to a companion NFT, establishing a digital-physical connection for the collectors.

The process of obtaining the sneakers involves a unique concept known as "burning" the NFT. Mint pass holders will have the option to permanently destroy their Trefoil Flower NFTs, initiating a process that will begin in August. After burning their NFT, the owners can expect their physical sneakers to be shipped to them the following month, creating an element of excitement and anticipation.

The release of the Trefoil Flower NFT will occur in a carefully planned manner. There will be a three-tier pre-sale exclusively for holders of Adidas' existing Alts Decos and Soles NFTs, as well as Fewocious Paint Drops. These fortunate individuals will have the opportunity to mint the NFTs at a discounted price of 0.2 ETH, equivalent to approximately $350 at the current exchange rate.

Following the pre-sale, holders of other eligible NFTs, including Adidas Alts, Fewocious NFTs, and selected NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles, and Rug Radio, will have their chance to mint the Trefoil Flower NFTs at a price of 0.25 ETH ($435). Finally, a public sale will commence shortly after, providing a wider audience with the opportunity to participate in this unique collaboration.

Adidas' collaboration with Fewocious demonstrates the brand's commitment to embracing innovation and pushing boundaries in the world of fashion and art. By merging physical products with NFT technology, they are tapping into the growing trend of digital collectibles while offering enthusiasts a tangible and exclusive sneaker experience.

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