Beware of Fake Trezor Apps: Apple App Store Security Alert

Beware of Fake Trezor Apps: Apple App Store Security Alert
A seemingly malevolent application masquerading as the renowned cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has been successfully removed from Apple's App Store. However, a brief investigation highlights the presence of additional imitative applications that continue to loom in the shadows.

In a recent security alert shared by Rafael Yakobi, the Managing Partner at Crypto Lawyers, a concerning discovery was made concerning Apple's App Store. Specifically, Yakobi revealed that a fraudulent app, aiming to deceive users and pilfer their cryptocurrency, appeared as the top result when searching for "Trezor." This revelation underscores the presence of malicious actors seeking to exploit unsuspecting individuals within the digital realm.

In his cautionary message to Apple users, Rafael Yakobi expressed a pressing concern regarding the counterfeit application named "Trezor Wallet Suite." Yakobi specifically emphasized the nefarious intentions behind this app, as it cunningly prompts users to provide their seed phrase—a critical piece of information that, if disclosed, would grant the app's operators unrestricted access to the user's entire cryptocurrency holdings, thus facilitating a complete theft of their digital assets. 

The stark warning underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and exercising caution when interacting with unfamiliar applications in order to safeguard one's crypto investments.

Despite the removal of the fake "Trezor Wallet Suite" app from the Apple App Store, further investigation reveals the presence of another potentially malicious application named "MyTREZŌR Suite: One Edition." This particular app, which raises suspicions, emerged during a search for "Trezor Wallet Suite." 

Notably, the app only garnered two reviews, both of which were warnings cautioning users that it is a scam designed to pilfer cryptocurrency. These findings suggest that Apple's efforts to completely eradicate such fraudulent apps may not have been entirely successful at this point, indicating the need for continued vigilance and thorough measures to ensure the safety of users and their valuable digital assets.

As reported by, Apple, recognized as the world's largest tech company, maintains a cautious approach when it comes to cryptocurrency applications. The approval process for such apps is conducted under stringent circumstances, indicating Apple's emphasis on ensuring the security and reliability of the crypto-related offerings available on its platform. 

The strict stance reflects the company's commitment to protecting its users from potential risks and fraudulent activities associated with the volatile cryptocurrency landscape.

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