Delio Temporarily Suspends Customer Withdrawals Amid Market Volatility

Delio Temporarily Suspends Customer Withdrawals Amid Market Volatility
Virtual asset manager and lending platform, Delio, has recently declared a temporary halt on customer withdrawals with the primary aim of safeguarding the assets entrusted to them. This proactive measure ensures the secure protection of customers' holdings that are presently under the custody of the platform.

In response to the suspension of digital asset deposits and withdrawals at Haru Invest, Delio has taken a decisive step to address the escalating market volatility and the resulting uncertainty experienced by investors in the region. 

The company has decided to temporarily suspend customer withdrawals until the situation and its aftermath are effectively resolved. This precautionary measure demonstrates Delio's commitment to maintaining stability and protecting the interests of its valued customers during this challenging period.

Delio has provided reassurance to its clients by expressing its utmost dedication to safeguarding their assets during this critical period. The company has emphasized its commitment to swiftly gathering accurate information and comprehending the implications of the situation. 

Furthermore, Delio has pledged to maintain transparent communication with its valued customers by issuing regular updates. These announcements will encompass pertinent facts, measures implemented to ensure the security of customer assets, and any relevant developments associated with the ongoing circumstances

Delio, established in 2018, is reported to possess a substantial digital asset portfolio. According to information available on its website, the company holds an approximate amount of $1 billion in Bitcoin (BTC), $200 million in Ethereum (ETH), and an estimated $8.1 billion in altcoins. These figures highlight the considerable value and diversification of Delio's holdings across various cryptocurrencies.

In an announcement made on June 13, the South Korean yield platform, Haru Invest, revealed its decision to temporarily suspend both deposits and withdrawals. This measure was taken in response to apprehensions arising from the possibility of false information being provided by a consignment operator during an internal inspection. 

The challenges faced by Haru Invest hold the potential to impact other platforms in South Korea, as evident from the current situation encountered by Delio. The repercussions of these developments are expected to create a ripple effect throughout the industry.

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