Rejected in an Instant: Apple Shuns Zeus Bitcoin Wallet

Rejected in an Instant: Apple Shuns Zeus Bitcoin Wallet
In a hilarious twist of events, Apple just gave Zeus, the lightning-fast bitcoin wallet, a taste of rejection. Poor Zeus founder, Evan Kaloudis, took to Twitter to share this comical tale. Maybe Apple just couldn't handle Zeus's electrifying powers!

Following a recent clash with Damus, a well-known Lightning-enabled bitcoin application, Apple now faces another incident involving Zeus, a non-custodial wallet. Notably, Damus operates as a decentralized social media platform utilizing the Nostr protocol, an abbreviation for "notes and other stuff transmitted by relays."

Damus recently shared on Twitter that Apple expressed concerns regarding their "zap" functionality, which permits users to send small bitcoin amounts via the Lightning Network to support their preferred content creators, similar to Twitter's tipping feature. Lightning Network serves as Bitcoin's secondary layer payment system, enabling quicker and more cost-effective transactions.

Evan Kaloudis stated that Apple is now directing its focus towards Zeus and has requested the wallet's creator to furnish evidence of the necessary licenses and permissions. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in Apple rejecting Zeus from its App Store, preventing the facilitation of virtual currency transactions.

According to reports, Zeus appears to be in violation of Apple's guidelines, which mandate apps to demonstrate proof of suitable licenses, including money transmitter licenses, to enable the transmission of cryptocurrencies. Compliance with these requirements is essential for apps seeking to facilitate such transactions on Apple's platform.

Legal experts widely concur that non-custodial wallets, such as Zeus, which do not hold funds or private keys, should not be classified as money transmitters. This designation is typically reserved for custodial wallets like those provided by Coinbase and Binance, which assume custody of customer funds.

Breez, a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet available on Apple's App Store, expressed their support for the approval of non-custodial wallets on Twitter. They pointed out a specific exception in the relevant section and highlighted the presence of several wallets already on the App Store. Meanwhile, the previous version of Zeus remains available on the platform, and the alterations made by Kaloudis to the new version are currently undisclosed.

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