Tour in Style: Snoop Dogg's NFT Series Unveils Exclusive Tour Goodies

Tour in Style: Snoop Dogg's NFT Series Unveils Exclusive Tour Goodies
Hold onto your hats, folks, because the legendary Snoop Dogg is bringing his swag to the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)! This hip-hop maestro and business tycoon has unleashed a brand-new NFT collectible series that's set to level up as he embarks on his summer tour. That's right, Snoop is taking his virtual goodies on a journey of utility and awesomeness.

The Snoop Dogg Passport Series is described as a dynamic "tour poster" that evolves as Snoop travels to different tour locations. Holders of the NFT will gain special access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content, unique merchandise, artwork, and extraordinary experiences curated by the legendary music icon himself. Snoop's highly anticipated summer tour is scheduled to kick off on July 7th in Vancouver.

Snoop Dogg, known by his birth name Calvin Broadus Jr., is expanding his Passport Series by introducing an exciting addition called Snoop Selects. This exclusive selection consists of carefully curated NFT artwork, which will be distributed to all passport holders through an airdrop.

In a recent statement, Snoop Dogg expressed his commitment to pushing boundaries throughout his illustrious career. He shared his excitement about the Passport Series, highlighting the unique opportunity it provides for his fans to embark on a global journey alongside him—an unprecedented feat. 

Being a trailblazer himself, Snoop Dogg emphasized the significance of embracing digital merchandise as an integral part of the future. Furthermore, he expressed his hope that fellow artists would take inspiration from his endeavors and continue to pioneer innovative approaches in their own creative pursuits.

Through a collaboration with Transient Labs, a Web3 platform, and talent agency WME, the Snoop Dogg Passport Series came to life. Playing a key role in its development was Chris Ostoich, the COO of Transient Labs, who contributed his expertise to engineer and bring the series to fruition. 

To obtain the passport, interested individuals can acquire it for approximately $42 or 0.025 ETH. This can be done through Crossmint, an NFT payment processor, or by utilizing various cryptocurrency wallets available.

Over the past few years, Snoop Dogg and his son, Cordell Broadus, have immersed themselves in the realm of NFT collections and cryptocurrency investments. Their involvement has been substantial, with the rapper himself teasing a vision to transform Death Row Records into "the inaugural major label in the metaverse." 

Snoop Dogg embarked on his NFT journey by releasing his inaugural collection, titled "A Journey with the Dogg," in March 2021. Notably, this collection included a captivating track named "NFT." Furthermore, he expanded his ventures by initiating the development of the Snoopverse, a virtual community within the metaverse realm of The Sandbox, which commenced in December 2021.

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