Twitter Founder Backs Crypto-Advocate Kennedy for President

Jack Dorsey tips pro-crypto candidate Robert Kennedy to win presidency

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has joined the ranks of supporters for Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is known for his advocacy of cryptocurrencies. Dorsey, also the CEO of Block Inc., shared a YouTube clip from Fox News featuring Kennedy discussing his strategy to surpass prominent Republican contenders Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

When questioned about his stance, Dorsey replied with "both," indicating both his endorsement and his prediction of Kennedy's success. Kennedy, a member of the renowned Kennedy political dynasty and an environmental lawyer, has officially entered the presidential race. Notably, he is a strong proponent of cryptocurrencies and has expressed his support for digital assets. In a keynote speech at the Bitcoin Miami Conference, Kennedy made the significant announcement that he would accept cryptocurrency donations for his campaign.

Kennedy has not only praised Bitcoin as an "innovation engine" but has also voiced concerns regarding central bank digital currencies. He believes that these digital currencies have the potential to grant governments excessive power, allowing them to stifle dissent by restricting access to funds with a simple keystroke. Furthermore, Kennedy has openly criticized the proposed 30% tax on energy consumed by crypto miners, put forth by the Biden administration. While acknowledging the energy usage concerns associated with mining, Kennedy argues that they have been somewhat exaggerated.

A May 27 poll conducted by Fox News reveals that Kennedy commands the support of 16% of Democratic primary voters. This is considered a significant portion, especially for a primary challenger running against an incumbent president, as emphasized by Fox News.

With endorsements from influential figures like Jack Dorsey and a notable percentage of support in the polls, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is making a substantial impact as a Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election. His advocacy for cryptocurrencies and his critical stance on central bank digital currencies and proposed mining taxes make him a candidate to watch closely as the race progresses.

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