Calling All Football Fans: Exclusive Women's Team NFTs Available Now

Calling All Football Fans: Exclusive Women's Team NFTs Available Now
Credit Suisse, in collaboration with the Swiss Football Association, has introduced an Ethereum-based collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to support women's football in Switzerland.

This collection comprises 756 digital art portraits featuring players from the Swiss women's national team. The NFTs will be available for purchase exclusively through Credit Suisse's CSX app from July 11 to August 31, as mentioned on the bank's website.

Daniel Gorrera, the head of digital assets Switzerland at Credit Suisse, emphasized the user-friendly nature of their offering in the NFT space. He stated that the project not only enables participation in the evolving NFT world but also explores innovative applications of digital assets in financing and servicing models. Credit Suisse positions itself as a regulated partner for parties seeking issuance services within this domain.

This development signifies Credit Suisse's entry into the NFT realm. Earlier this year, the bank led a $65 million Series B funding round for Taurus, a Swiss digital asset infrastructure company. Notably, the investment occurred prior to Credit Suisse's forced sale to UBS Group for $3.2 billion by Swiss authorities in March, amidst concerns of its potential collapse. Taurus also serves as Credit Suisse's technology partner for the NFT marketplace within the CSX app.

Credit Suisse leverages Taurus-Capital for the issuance and lifecycle management of the Swiss Football Association NFTs, while Taurus-Protect ensures secure storage for these digital assets. The NFTs have been deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network through Taurus's infrastructure, as stated in the official announcement.

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