Cheating Controversy: Elon Musk Takes on Mark Zuckerberg in Twitter Clash


Cheating Controversy: Elon Musk Takes on Mark Zuckerberg in Twitter Clash

Elon Musk, the executive chairman of Twitter, recently voiced his concerns on social media, accusing Meta of engaging in “cheating” tactics with the launch of Threads, a text-based social network resembling Twitter.

Musk clarified that he welcomes healthy competition, but cheating will not be tolerated. His remarks come in response to a letter from a Twitter lawyer, AlexSpiro, who warned Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, of Potential legal consequences.

In the letter dated July 5, Spiro emphasized Twitter’s firm commitment to vigorously protect its intellectual property rights. Additionally, the letter demanded Meta immediately cease the use of Twittwe’s trade secrets.

According to Spiro’s letter, Meta allegedly hired former Twitter employees who were allegedly assigned to develop a similar application named Threads, which Spiro claimed utilized Twitteer’s trade secret and intellectual property to expedite the development process.

Furthermore, Spiro’s letter also served as a formal notice to Meta, an instruction to preserve any relevant documents pertaining to the ongoing dispute between Twitter and Meta, as well as former Twitter employees now working at Meta.

Spiro also explicitly stated that Meta is prohibited from engaging in any crawling or scraping of Twitter’s follow or following data without prior consent from Twitter.

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