Introducing Wallet Pay: The Convenient Crypto Payment Solution on Telegram

Introducing Wallet Pay: The Convenient Crypto Payment Solution on Telegram

Get ready for an exciting new feature on Telegram! Wallet, the crypto and payment solution powered by The Open Network (TON), is launching Wallet Pay, which allows users to make merchant payments using Bitcoin, Tether, and Toncoin directly within the popular messaging app.

With Wallet Pay, both vendors and users can now enjoy instant and secure crypto payments for goods and services. Making a payment is as easy as a few taps on either the merchant's bot or web application on Telegram. No complicated processes or long waiting times!

The best part is that Wallet Pay users don't even need to have the cryptocurrencies in their possession beforehand. They can simply top up their Wallet account using a bank card during the payment process. It's hassle-free and incredibly convenient.

But that's not all! Wallet Pay doesn't just facilitate transactions between consumers and merchants. If you're a Telegram user, you can also make peer-to-peer crypto transfers to other users via the @wallet bot. It's a fantastic way to send and receive crypto seamlessly within the Telegram platform.

By integrating Wallet Pay with Telegram, the TON Foundation aims to provide merchants with access to the vast community of over 700 million users. Imagine the potential reach for businesses! Andrew Rogozov, a founding member of the TON Foundation, expressed excitement about the possibilities: "Various businesses can tap into Telegram and TON ecosystems by utilizing Wallet Pay's seamless payment solution. We're taking a significant step towards achieving the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, which is our core mission at TON."

To give it a try, you can join the public beta of Wallet Pay through the Wallet Pay bot. If you're a merchant looking to accept crypto payments, you can apply via the Wallet Pay website. Stay tuned for updates on the scalability and availability of this groundbreaking technology.

Just a little background on TON: The Open Network was initially designed in 2018 by the founders of Telegram Messenger. Later, it was handed over to the TON community for further development. The TON Foundation, a non-commercial group of supporters and contributors behind the TON blockchain, recently proposed a burn mechanism for the TON network, suggesting a 50% transaction fee burn.

Exciting times lie ahead as Wallet Pay revolutionizes crypto payments on Telegram. Get ready to embrace the future of digital transactions!

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