Bullish on Bitcoin: Google Bard's Crystal Ball for the Next Crypto Boom

Bullish on Bitcoin: Google Bard's Crystal Ball for the Next Crypto Boom

People are really excited about artificial intelligence (AI), especially after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which is a cool text-based AI. There are other AI systems like Google Bard that are also gaining attention. 

While most cryptocurrencies aren't doing so well, people are still talking about SpaceX and how it's dealing with its Bitcoin holdings. Some say that SpaceX saying it lost a lot of money on Bitcoin might be why Bitcoin's value dropped a lot.

According to Google Bard, guess how much Bitcoin might be worth when the cryptocurrency market is doing really well, and if that might be around the same time that the amount of new Bitcoin being made gets cut in half (something called a halving event).

Google Bard thinks the price of Bitcoin during the next good time for cryptocurrencies is hard to guess, but it will probably be much higher than it is now.

The last two times the amount of new Bitcoin being made got cut in half, the price of Bitcoin went up a lot, by 10 times and 4 times. Google Bard thinks this might happen again in 2024 because of the halving event.

The halving event in April 2024 will make the number of new Bitcoins less, which could make the price go up.

Google Bard also mentioned that if more big companies and regular businesses start using Bitcoin and if the world economy is doing well, those things could also help the price of Bitcoin go up.

Some people think the price of Bitcoin might go really high, like $100,000, $200,000, or even $1 million by 2024. But some are being more careful and guessing around $50,000. The real price will depend on a lot of things, like how well the world economy is doing, how much big companies use Bitcoin, and the rules set by governments.

Source: Google Bard

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