Crypto Builders Should Serve US Users 5 to 10 Years Later: dYdX Founder

crypto builders discussing over the dYdX founder's suggestion to expand outside US

The flourishing cryptocurrency market has historically derived a substantial portion of its momentum from the United States. However, this landscape has undergone changes due to recent regulatory measures affecting companies operating within the crypto industry. 

As a response to these challenges, numerous crypto enterprises are contemplating relocating their operations offshore or even limiting their services to U.S. users. Antonio Juliano, the visionary behind the decentralized exchange dYdX, echoes this sentiment and proposes a similar approach to emerging cryptocurrency projects. 

Juliano recommends that up-and-coming crypto ventures explore alternative global markets, temporarily sidestepping the U.S. market until a more favorable regulatory climate emerges. This strategic advice from he aligns with the shifting dynamics of the industry and the evolving strategies employed by crypto entities.

On August 25, 2023, Antonio Juliano took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a "serious tweet" outlining a strategic suggestion for those involved in the crypto industry. In his post, he advised "crypto builders" to consider refraining from offering their services to customers based in the United States. 

Instead, he recommended that these creators explore other markets and hold off on targeting the U.S. audience for a span of five to ten years. Juliano's rationale behind this advice is that by adopting this approach, emerging crypto firms would likely encounter fewer obstacles and be required to make fewer compromises on their operations. 

This advice reflects his insights into the evolving regulatory landscape and offers a potential strategy for navigating the challenges that the U.S. market currently poses to crypto ventures.

Crypto Companies Thriving Outside the US Already

Juliano underscores that a significant portion of the cryptocurrency market already thrives offshore, operating outside the confines of the United States. He emphasizes that crypto builders should consider relocating their operations to other international jurisdictions and focus on cultivating innovation in those environments. 

Crypto exchange founder advocates for creators to experiment and refine their offerings abroad. Should these projects achieve a strong product-market fit (PMF) in those markets, he suggests that they reenter the U.S. market at a later juncture with a notable advantage or leverage. This strategic approach, according to him, offers a path for crypto ventures to navigate regulatory complexities and build a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Hopes on United States Are Still High

Within his Twitter thread, Antonio Juliano expressed a sense of optimism concerning the regulatory environment for cryptocurrencies in the United States. He highlighted his belief that the principles and values inherent in the cryptocurrency space resonate closely with American ideals. 

Juliano's sentiment suggests that he sees alignment between the innovative nature of cryptocurrencies and the core values that the United States often stands for. This perspective reflects his hope for a future where regulatory frameworks embrace and support the unique attributes of the crypto industry within the context of American values.

“What could be more American & capitalist than a financial system of the people, by the people, and for the people That is literally what we’re building here,” he added.

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