Cryptoys Introduces 'Mickey and Friends' Digital Toy Collection

crypto toys maker Cryptoys now looks fowards to launch Mickey Mouse

Cryptoys, a company that secured $23 million in a Series A funding round last year with the backing of renowned toy maker Mattel, is set to unveil a fresh assortment of digital toys named "Mickey and Friends." 

Scheduled for release next month, this collection will be available at a price of $39.99. This move underscores the growing intersection between digital assets and the toy industry, as Cryptoys continues to explore innovative ways to engage consumers with its digital toy offerings.

Having initially introduced cryptocurrency-based collectibles inspired by beloved Star Wars figures from Disney, Cryptoys, a Web3 startup supported by Andreessen Horowitz, has unveiled its latest endeavor: a fresh collection paying tribute to Disney's most renowned character, Mickey Mouse. 

The new collection marks an expansion of Cryptoys' offerings, aligning with the company's mission to merge blockchain technology with popular media franchises, creating unique digital experiences for users.

Expanding its offerings further, Cryptoys is poised to enhance its existing array of Star Wars collectibles, initially launched in May. This expansion involves the introduction of the beloved character Yoda to the collection. 

To show appreciation to holders of the current Star Wars collectibles, Cryptoys intends to airdrop a digital Yoda plaything as a reward. This strategic move not only adds value to the existing collection but also incentivizes engagement among Cryptoys' user base.

Up until now, collectors of the digital toys based on Star Wars characters have had the opportunity to acquire figures like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia. This initial selection has catered to enthusiasts seeking these iconic characters from the Star Wars universe.

Although Cryptoys' digital collectibles are built on the Flow blockchain, there is presently no accessible on-chain data that offers insights into the extent of sales and reception of the company's digital toy assortments thus far. 

The company's digital toy collections include one series centered around Star Wars characters and three editions featuring characters from Masters of the Universe. Despite the lack of publicly available sales data on the blockchain, Cryptoys continues to roll out collections based on popular media franchises, aligning with its mission to innovate within the digital collectibles space.

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