PEPE Memecoin's Buying Impact Unveiled – Key Hurdle Ahead!

PEPE Memecoin's Buying Impact Unveiled – Key Hurdle Ahead!

PEPE, a memecoin that has quickly risen to prominence over the last couple of months, is now experiencing a resurgence in bullish momentum. Despite a recent dip to its lowest levels in the past few weeks, the recent surge in bullish activity could prove to be a significant factor for the upward trend.

Notably, the value of PEPE memecoin recently reached its lowest point in 45 days at $0.000001, which has since transformed into a crucial support level. This support zone has played a pivotal role in invigorating the bullish sentiment. As a result, PEPE's price broke out of a bearish trend channel last night, accompanied by substantial trading volume.


As of this moment, PEPE has caught attention by leading the daily gainers' list, marking an impressive 10% surge, with the present trading price hovering around $0.000001243. Within the last day, trading volume has notably spiked, surging by almost 200%, indicating a substantial influx of buying orders.

The utilization of trend-based fib retracement reveals an intriguing pattern for PEPE's token price. It's currently encountering a resistance point within the 0.236 zone (equivalent to $0.0000013), while conversely, the $0.0000010 level is emerging as a pivotal support zone. Should the bullish momentum extend above the $0.0000013 threshold, it could potentially pave the way for an upcoming bull run.

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