Hashkey Exchange Hong Kong Enhances Security with Insurance

Hashkey Exchange Hong Kong Enhances Security with Insurance

A recent and thrilling development has sent ripples of excitement through the cryptocurrency landscape. Soon, Hashkey Exchange Hong Kong will roll out insurance coverage for its users, ensuring the safety of their digital assets held on the platform.

In breaking news reported on September 6, Hashkey has entered into a memorandum of understanding with fintech stalwart OneDegree. This partnership paves the way for insurance protection on exchange wallets, catering to both hot wallets and cold storage addresses.

Xiaoqi Weng, the Chief Operating Officer of Hashkey, has articulated the company's vision to bolster its financial, technical, and service infrastructure. The goal is to provide customers with a comprehensive protective shield while simultaneously fostering growth within Hong Kong's digital asset ecosystem.

OneDegree's co-founder, Yanlin Guo, has emphasized the paramount importance of a robust framework that encompasses insurance within the cryptocurrency realm. This, he believes, is indispensable for the identification and mitigation of any potential risks that may arise.

A pivotal moment occurred on August 3 when Hashkey etched its name in history as the first cryptocurrency exchange to secure a regulatory license from Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission. This milestone has paved the way for Hashkey to extend its services to retail investors, marking a significant stride in the cryptocurrency service landscape.

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